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ADA News: Noncovered services

Below is an excerpt and a link to an ADA News story on efforts to prevent dental plans from capping fees on non covered services. The whole idea that a dental plan can tell us what to charge for anything let alone something they don’t even cover is preposterous and frightening. When you sign a participation contract even with a semi benign plan like Delta you are subject to their rules which they can change at any time. The dentist’s only recourse is to leave the plan.

Update: I have often been disappointed in ADA politics and lobbying on a national basis so I have to give them credit on this and resistance to “reform”. The same issue of the News in a different article had this quote from the ADA, “Right now no version of health care reform merits our support.” 

Honolulu—Seeking legislative action to prevent dental plans from capping the amount dentists can charge for services a plan doesnt cover, the 2009 House of Delegates adopted Resolution 59H-2009.

via ADA News: Noncovered services: House supports legislative action to counter trend.

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