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ADA updates teledentistry policy

This is very disappointing.

Dentists who deliver, direct or supervise teledentistry services should be licensed in the state where the patient receives services unless otherwise authorized by a state’s dental board, according to the policy. Patients have the right to know the identity and qualifications of oral health practitioners involved in the teledental encounter, costs they are responsible for in advance of the delivery of services, and be actively involved in treatment decisions, according to the policy.

Source: ADA updates teledentistry policy

I am happy that the ADA is addressing the issue however it is upsetting that they have fallen back on old ways of thinking that limit the application of new technology. I am afraid there is more politics here than patient care.

Does the ADA really believe that my friend Dale Miles, one of the best dental pathology and radiology specialists in the country cannot diagnose a CBCT that was sent to him via the Internet from a dentist in a state that Dale is not licensed in?