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Doc Shock Is Here

So far, coverage about the Affordable Care Act has focused on rate shock and policy cancellations. But the next wave of bad news is coming, and it could wind up being even more fatal to public support for the law…

It’s a phenomenon pundits are calling doc shock…

via HMO Redux: Doc Shock Is Here | Via Meadia.

For some time there has been an effort to commoditize medicine and dentistry. A dentist is a dentist is a dentist. If we are all the same then why not choose the cheapest?

In the real world there is a difference, some doctors are better than others some clinics are better than others and people develop strong ties to their dentist and physician.

We need to decide how much choice we are willing to give up for lower costs.

Thank goodness in dentistry we have not faced the same limitations to preferred networks that have plagued medicine. At least not to the same extent.

In many ways dentistry is the last free standing profession that has not been gobbled up by giant conglomerates. Most dentists are still solo business people who run the business and what to be their own boss.

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