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Dr. Ben Carson on the “Affordable Care Act”

HealthReformHe said that in his view, Obamacare cannot be implemented, and is destined to crash on takeoff (my phrase, not his). Carson thinks that the key imperative, when Obamacare collapses, is to be ready with an alternative. Toward that end, he has been collaborating with other experts to assemble a market-based, consumer-oriented alternative that starts with expanded health savings accounts.

via Dr. Ben Carson, In Retrospect | Power Line.

Dr. Carson’s remarkable personal story and professional achievements give his opinions added weight. His view- based on actually delivering care rather than managing it from afar- is that market based systems will provide better service at lower cost than a central planning command and control system such as “Obamacare”.

It is worth pointing that “market driven” does not translate to “pro-business”. Big business is always trying to use government to gain an advantage by distorting the market.

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