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Free Market Health Care Is Possible

Another well written and informative article from The Atlantic

One of the big divides between liberals and conservatives, of course, is on the value and utility of the free market. Most Americans appreciate that market-based economies, broadly speaking, outperform state-based ones. But most, if not all, progressives make the argument that health care is different: that markets may work for computers and soda pop, but they don’t work in health care.The most famous exponent of the theory that markets cant work in health care comes from Stanford economist Ken Arrow

via Liberals Are Wrong: Free Market Health Care Is Possible – Megan McArdle – Business – The Atlantic.

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The basic premise behind much of the political interference in health care is that health care is somehow unique and all the basics of business and economics somehow do not apply. The linked article looks at each of these arguments and makes the case that health care is not so unique and that patients will be well served by a more business like approach to medicine.

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