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Health Care is Divisible

Another interesting look at various elements of the health care debate linked below. I have often expressed my opinion that the free market will do a better job of addressing the problems we see with medical care than a central command and control government system. One argument against this is that health care is life and death and that changes our usual decision making process.  OK maybe.

The linked article addresses this and makes the point that in fact most medical situations (including dentistry) are not life and death. Maybe we should stop trying to stuff all health care into the same over filled bag and address different aspects of the situation with different solutions.

…health care is different because it involves life and death decisions. Yes, that is an unusual feature of some elements of health care, but not all: indeed, not most. For example: going to the dentist is rarely a life-or-death decision.

via Health Care is Divisible – The Agenda – National Review Online.

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a few years ago, my daughter broke her arm rollerskating. When I took her to the doctor to have it x-rayed and cast, I asked how much it would cost. The receptionist said, “That depends on your insurance”. I’m a free market kind of guy, and have a $5,000 deductible on my health insurance… so I asked again what the cost would be, if I had no insurance. After some considerable effort, they found a price for me. I asked how much they would bill my insurance if I had full insurance. They found that price quicker. I then asked how much it would cost if I cut a check to them immediately. The last price was less than half the cost of the insurance billing rate.

I immediately cut a check from my HSA account.

I think people can be trained to use their common sense, if menus of services and costs are available, and if the expense come from their budget instead of being hidden in a company benefit… there’s my 2 cents worth (or 4 cents worth if you need to bill my insurance… hehe).

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