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Health Care Is Not a Privilege … Nor Is It a Right

More thoughts on healthcare as a “right”.

Ironically, those who claim health care is “a right and not a privilege” support policies that make it a privilege. When government enforces an alleged “right” to health care, the political class decides what health care is and when it’s appropriate for people to get it. That is, health care becomes a privilege granted by those in charge.

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i wish you all the best when they decide about your health system. however even if you get healthcare for everyone government founded it will probably get as it is here at the moment (UK). either you offer very basic government founded dentistry (amalgam fillings, steel crowns, very high amount of extractions) where people don’t expect high end results or you continue what you are doing right now. chances that you loose patients are not so high as the people that are willing to pay right now can afford it anyway and are willing to pay for quality and the ones who don’t… oh well these are the ones you don’t want to have in your surgery anyway (I know what I am talking about as I worked NHS & private).

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