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Health Insurance is not Healthcare

ocareHealthcare policy wonk John C. Goodman:

In the modern era, a perverse idea seems to have dominated the health policy community. The idea is that the purpose of health insurance is not to protect assets. It is to provide access to health care…

…when serious scholars have looked at this question, the reasons to think that health insurance affects mortality or health status are few. If health insurance affects health at all, the effect is marginal.

via Millions are Losing Their Health Insurance – John C. Goodman – Page 2.

The body of the linked article describes how millions (yes millions) of people are losing their existing health care plan because of the design of the Obamacare law. Whether that is an unintended flaw in the law or a deliberate consequence is another issue.

On a more basic level Goodman reminds us that insurance is not the same as care, people without health insurance can still get treatment and health outcomes are not impacted by insurance.

The extreme effort to fundamentally change the healthcare system in the US, disrupting the lives of millions so that a fraction of the uninsured can get subsidized coverage seems misguided to say the least.

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