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Health Insurance is not the same as Health Care

HealthReformFrom The Hill:

Real healthcare reform must improve the quality of America’s healthcare system. At its most fundamental level, healthcare exists to improve individuals’ health outcomes and overall well-being…

This is a more worthy goal than putting a health insurance card in everyone’s  hand, a la ObamaCare and its Republican replacements. Universal health insurance  is merely the provision of a service regardless of that service’s quality.

via O-Care’s one-size-fits-all failure | TheHill.

At some point regulation becomes control. Regulating insurance has morphed into controling healthcare. Universal health insurance is profoundly different than better health care. In fact the two might be inversely related.

Related from DC Caller regarding the emerging issue with delayed care and the “secret” waiting list at the VA:

The obvious question to ask about the VA scandal is: Why? …

There’s only one plausible answer to these questions: rationing. The VA is but a smaller version of the sort of government-run, single-payer health care…

Read more:

“Rationing” care is the “third rail” of the health care debate, (actually, as stated above it is not a health care debate but a health insurance debate) If you touch it you will die. Everyone goes to great lengths to limit care but not be seen to be limiting care. This is an inevitable result of the original premise, regulation leads to control and health insurance is not health care.

Centralized command and control systems that are designed to maintain the status quo and fixated on dividing the pie in ever smaller increments invariably fail. On the other hand disruptive technology, innovation and creative destruction have an admirable track record of reducing costs and improving quality.

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