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How Did Health Care Get to Be Such a Mess?

The most significant issue facing medicine and dentistry is cost. It drives all the other issues that have led to Obamacare and whatever will come now that it is failing. The linked NYT article has some interesting history and outlook on what happened and why.

From NYT:

The problem with American health care is not the care. It’s the insurance. Both parties have stumbled to enact comprehensive health care reform because they insist on patching up a rickety, malfunctioning model. The insurance company model drives up prices and fragments care. Rather than rejecting this jerry-built structure, the Democrats’ Obamacare legislation simply added a cracked support beam or two. The Republican bill will knock those out to focus on spackling other dilapidated parts of the system.

…To constrain rising prices, insurers gradually introduced cost containment procedures and incrementally claimed supervisory authority over doctors. Soon they were reviewing their medical work, standardizing treatment blueprints tied to reimbursements and shaping the practice of medicine.

Source: How Did Health Care Get to Be Such a Mess? – The New York Times

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