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How Will We Know If Is Fixed?

We won’t, from NPR:

Insurance companies are getting increasingly worried. It seems that while so much effort has been going into what they call the “front end” of the site — where consumers go to compare insurance plans and sign up for coverage — some parts of the “back end” of the site — where insurance companies actually get paid — haven’t even been built yet.

via How Will We Know If Is Fixed? : NPR.

cavemanAccording to Geico buying insurance online is so easy even a caveman can do it.

I am such a high tech cheerleader I tend to just see the benefits and am blind to the problems. We have seen so many tech miracles in the past few decades it is easy to assume the tech wizards can do anything. The total failure of has been a shock to many people.

Facebook, Expedia and Amazon among thousands of other web commerce sites run flawlessly from end to end. Online insurance has been available for many years. It is easy to assume that an online insurance exchange should function.

I imagine the case of will be studied by business scholars for decades attempting to determine what went wrong and what lessons can be learned. My initial take is that private enterprise tends to be much better at management, innovation and serving the public than government.


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