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What’s Next for Health Care? What’s the Alternative?

The Supreme Court has ruled that the affordable health care (Obamacare) is constitutional (kinda).  However, even if it is constitutional that does not make it a good law. I personally see all kinds of issues with it that in my opinion will make things worse not better.

What is the alternative? Proponents of the law often accuse those who oppose it of not offering an alternative solution. That is simply not true, there are many alternatives. The linked article lists eight alternative policies to the central command and control approach of the current law. Four are listed here follow the link for the rest.

1. Abolish all state mandates. State mandates contribute to billions in additional costs to the basic insurance premiums. Let the market dictate what is covered.

2. Allow health insurance coverage to cross state lines.

3. Allow affinity groups to offer insurance to their members. This would allow churches, synagogues, AAA, AARP, and even Costco to offer health care insurance to their members. The sheer numbers from membership will bring competition from the different carriers to provide the most coverage for the least cost. Some of these groups may even offer lifetime memberships, which in turn would afford the member similar health coverage regardless of job insurance.

4. Allow catastrophic or major illness insurance. By removing forced state mandates, you will allow very reasonable catastrophic insurance policies. A 20-year-old healthy person should not be forced to pay for colon cancer screening.

via PJ Media » If Obamacare Dies, What’s Next for Health Care?.

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