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One of the reasons blue programs jump the shark is that over time more and more special interests lobby politicians to get special features added. The small add-ons and tweaks make programs more expensive and complicated to administer—and much, much harder to reform. This process begins when the laws are written; the lobbyists are there to tuck special little surprises between the pages of the bill. It continues as the regulations necessary to implement the new laws are written; once again, lobbyists are on hand to mold the regs to their liking. And it persists year after year after year, as lobbyists look for ways to amend the existing laws or add new requirements by inserting language into other bills.

This is happening as states develop the requirements for insurance under Obamacare.

via Obamacare Jumps the Shark in its Premiere | Via Meadia.

The linked article is worth reading and to me points out the obvious. Yet it does not seem to be obvious to a great many Americans.

That is that once the government takes over an industry that industry no longer responds to customers but responds to government. That means politics, special interests and lobbyists are more important than the customers and economics is neglected.

It is a mystery to me why so many people assume a government controlled enterprise will be well administered with the needs of the people well served, better and more benevolent than a public sector business when all our experience shows just the opposite to be true.

To be sure businesses can be predatory and neglectful of the needs of the customer. However the amazing prosperity of America is due primarily to the free enterprise system not to the clever manipulations of government.

In my opinion most of the problems associated with the healthcare crisis can be traced to government meddling and most problems would be solved in unexpected and innovative ways if the government just let the free market and the creative genius of the people go to work.

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