Obama on Dental Care

by Larry Emmott on February 24, 2010

in Health Care Politics

The link below is to a Dr. Bicuspid (Registration Required) article which outlines some of President Obama’s thoughts on Dental Care as it relates to the National Health Care debate.

Laying out his first detailed proposal for healthcare reform, U.S. President Barack Obama this week said that dental care should be exempted from a proposed tax on expensive health insurance packages. And in a Nevada forum, he hinted about his general views on dental care.

via DrBicuspid Practice Management.

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Jens March 1, 2010 at 11:04 am

I still hope that Obama comes through with healthcare for everyone.
Of course this would be not so good for you US dentists but then there would be a massive shortage of dentists in the US and they might think about being less strict when it comes to foreign dentists working in the US.
The US is the only region that combines good weather and wealthy people.
I can’t stand all the rain in Britain anymore….

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