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Repeal Obamacare ?

HealthReformFrom NRO, worth reading:

In short, the system created by this ill-advised law would prevent the emergence of normally functioning markets in medical services and health insurance. Instead, it establishes a top-down system of price controls and subsidies that will discourage healthy people from buying insurance in the first place, reward those who exploit the system’s defects, and discourage doctors and other health-care providers from extending their care to those who most need it

via Repeal Obamacare – The Editors – National Review Online.

In politics “true believers” hardly ever change their opinions.  On the other hand the undecided middle can be persuaded. Knowing the actual facts and results of laws and policies as opposed to the good intentions is always a good thing.

Related from Wash. Post:

Practically nothing about Obamacare is turning out to be what President Obama said it would be.

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