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Smothering Medical Innovation

Thoughtful, well presented essay on the issues behind healthcare reform and possible consequences of various approaches. Loss of innovation is the main theme. One of the other key issues which I have not seen expressed much is the conflict between individual responsibility and community responsibility. Beth Haynes is quoted, “Once health care expenditures are turned into a commons, over-use becomes inevitable, soon followed by arbitrary rationing.”

I believe it is a gross distortion to claim, as some do, that anyone opposed to government managed healthcare is a heartless ogre. As a society we do owe some responsibility to our fellow man. The conflict however is not all or none but a matter of degrees. It is, I believe, possible to provide a safety net for some while maintaining a market driven option for most. Past experience has shown that market driven options properly policed (policed not heavily regulated and controlled) lead to the best overall result. Read the whole thing.

Two propositions dominate current debate over health care: that the nation spends too much on it, and that these expenditures will bankrupt our governments if current trajectories extend out into the not-so-far future.

via Pajamas Media » Smothering Medical Innovation.

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