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The Covert Rationing Blog

An interesting resource on American Health Care and politics.

The Covert Rationing Blog.

Some examples:

Most of the important medical decisions which doctors make – the ones that cost the government the most money – will be forcibly centralized. That is, panels of experts will determine which services are to be delivered to which patients under which circumstances, and doctors who fail to follow the experts’ dictates, in all their particulars,…

 …it is axiomatic that medical screening tests will always, without exception, cost the healthcare system far more money than they can ever save the healthcare system. And therefore, medical screening tests will have to be suppressed – which is precisely why our new healthcare law provides the mechanism for doing so.

…the recent crusades against dietary fat, cholesterol, and salt each amounted to a great uncontrolled medical experiment, conducted on the entire population, in which each one of us was enrolled as an unsuspecting and involuntary research subject. The results of these massive experiments are just now coming to light.

This blog is from the same guy that wrote the book, Fixing American Healthcare. Very interesting.

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