The Future of Our Health Care System

by Larry Emmott on August 30, 2010

in Health Care Politics

Another interesting reaction / solution to healthcare issues. The article at the link is about a new company that is designed to help people negotiate the health care mess and make good choices.

Three thing about the article interested me:

First the whole system relies on technology in order to provide the service. Without digital records it would be almost impossible to do efficiently.

Second it confronts the notion that health care is a commodity. That is that all health care is the same so the only variable factor is price. This is a primary idea behind all bureaucratic approaches to health care including insurance and government plans. That is that since it is all the same just get the lowest price.

However most people know that is simply not true; some doctors, some medications and some treatments are just better than others. Which brings us to the third issue.

Third, different people value healthcare at different levels. Not everyone believes a Mercedes is worth the extra bucks and not everyone will spend the time and money for a trip to the Cleveland Clinic. And that is OK.

They start by computerizing your records, and then having a third-party doctor analyze your complete health picture. Depending upon the findings, along with personal factors such as age and family history, tests or procedures are identified that may help maintain or improve your health.

via Townhall – The Future of Our Health Care System.

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