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The Law That Time Forgot

 From the Wall Street Journal:

Whether ObamaCare was affirmed or overturned by the ladies and men in robes, nothing was going to change one unimpeachable fact: From day one, the Obama health-care legislation was swimming against the tides of history. It was a legislative monolith out of sync with an iPad world. In the era of the smartphone, ObamaCare was rotary-dial health reform.

via Henninger: The President That Time Forgot –

When I read the linked WSJ article it clicked with me as it makes a point I have long held. Improvements in quality and reductions in cost are always the result of new technology, creative destruction and competitive markets. Central command and control government solutions have failed every time they are tried.

Medical consumers are looking for Apple solutions not IRS solutions. That is to say solutions that are “insanely great”, use the latest technology in creative ways, solve real problems, give options and power to the individual and cost less. As opposed to another layer of bureaucrats and rules.

This post is related with some real world public opinion that supports the consumer control model.

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