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The Perils of Patient Activism

Dentists and physicians don’t just treat disease we also treat people. Every tooth has a person attached. It is important we keep the human and emotional elements in mind when providing care.

On the other hand we must stay within the parameters defined by good science, experience and best practices. There is peril in allowing emotion and feelings to dictate treatment.

The linked article discusses this issue as it relates to public policy. It is easy to allow emotion and personal tragedy to influence our decisions. When this happens public policy can be determined not by what is proven to be effective or provides the greatest benefit for the cost but it can be determined by which group has the best lobbyist.

That’s no way to run a health care system.

Vocal patient advocates are increasingly distorting public health priorities, research agendas, and even public policy.

via The Perils of Patient Activism – Page 1 – Jeff Stier – Townhall Conservative.

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