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101 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

weburlA great detailed outline of ways to drive traffic to your web site:

The percentage of internet users in the U.S. jumped from roughly 54% in 2003 to over 71% in 2011. That’s a huge opportunity for your website to not only attract traffic, but to also convert that traffic into revenue.

via 101 Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website.

In dentistry we have made the mistake of creating web sites just for new patients. We think of web sites as nothing more than a digital yellow pages ad. The fact is good practice web pages should also provide support to existing patients.

The attached article includes a comprehensive (101) list of ideas that can drive traffic to your site; these include social media, video, blogging, reciprocal links and much more.

All of these things are essentially free. You do not need to spend hundreds a month for SEO. Check for yourself. Google “dentist” in your city and see what shows up on page one. Chances are well over half is paid ads most of the rest is Google+ and only 10-15% are so called “Organic Results”. Look at the Organic results and you will discover most of these are not actually dentists they are huge web sites like Wikipedia with gallons of Google Juice or they are directory and review sites like Healthgrades or Yelp.

In my opinion, right now, the most critical items for a dental page to consider are Google+, review sites and online services for existing patients such as bill pay and e-forms.

My two favorite dental web site developers are TNT Dental and Sesame Communications.

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