20 Questions for your SEO Vendor

by Larry Emmott on August 22, 2017

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From DentistryIQ:

Here’s the bottom line. If your SEO company cannot articulate and show you what’s it’s doing for your practice, it’s probably not doing that great of a job for you.

Source: How mysterious SEO practices can ruin your dental patient flow – DentistryIQ

Here are questions 1 and 2:

  1. What are the top three things you need to discover in order to diagnose my specific issues?
  2. What’s the first thing you do to optimize a website?

A decent article that attempts to demystify SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The twenty questions are interesting and valuable however the author does not provide any answers.

In my opinion SEO targeted at primary terms such as “dentist” are usually a waste of time and money. Niche terms such as “Invisalign Springfield” or “Implants All on Four” are more likely to get results but will have less reach as less people are searching for these exact terms.

I believe it is extremely important to optimize for the dentist by name. That is the doctor’s name not the practice name. 60 – 70% of people still start a search for a new dentist by asking someone for a personal referral. Those people who have been referred to Dr. Price because “she is awesome!” will Google “Dr Price”not “Sunshine Dental” or “dentist”.

Beyond SEO is SEM (Search Engine Marketing).  That is buying a key word in order to appear on page one of a search as an ad.

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