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411 more like 404

I recently recived an unsolicited e-mail from a company called “Cosmeticdentist411”. 411, the numbers you push to get telephone information has become a slang term for information in general. Cosmetic dentist 411 is capitalizing on that. Actually there is a whole family of “some kind of doctor” 411 programs.   They are a marketing company that  claims they can drive new cosmetic or whatever patients to your dental practice.

I tried them a few years back and was very disappointed. Rather than 411 the result was more 404. 404 is the error number you get when you try and open a defunct website. As a result 404 has come to mean not there or failed.

I am sorry to report my experience with 411 was in fact 404, essentuialy nothing in return for my investment. I cannot recommend the service.

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