5 Lightweight CMS Alternatives for Small Businesses

by Larry Emmott on August 27, 2010

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Do you need a fully developed, deep content dynamic web page such as TNT (my favorite) provides for dentist? Or can you get by with a “free” Facebook page? Basic pages are in fact basic, which makes them easy to use but they may not provide the functionality a dental office needs with multiple landing pages, forms and service pages.

The linked article presents five “in between” CMS alternatives (that’s a new techno acronym for me, CMS stands for Content Management System. )

Fortunately, there is a solution. More and more developers are catering to the “lightweight CMS” market. These alternatives might not have as many options and features as a traditional CMS, but they are built with an emphasis on making webpages easy to create and update.

via 5 Lightweight CMS Alternatives for Small Businesses.

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