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5 steps for managing your reputation online

From New Dentist Blog:

…reviews are a part of operating any kind of business in the 21st century, what can you do? With some help from the ADA Practical Guide to Internet Marketing, here are five steps for managing your reputation online:

Source: 5 steps for managing your reputation online | New Dentist Blog

Online reputation and user reviews are incredibly powerful. Check this Yelp commercial.

The linked article has some good basic suggestions starting with simply being aware. That is Google yourself. What do you see? Check yourself out on Yelp and Healthgrades. I have often found negative online reviews that dentists were not aware existed. However every potential new patient who Googles your name just to get a phone number will see those reviews.

A second good practice is to claim your free business pages from Google, Yelp and Healthgrades. That is the best option you have for controlling what people see when the look you up online. Especially Google business. It is essential; that every dentist has an up to date Google business presence.

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