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Google SEO and You

If you are reading this blog you are (by definition) aware of the power of the Internet to spread information. The Internet has fundamentally changed how people seek and find information, which in turn has destroyed the old ways of business communication like printed magazines and yellow pages ads.

Actually there are two things which have created this amazing change. The ability of the Internet to gather store and present vast amounts of information at very (that should be very very) low cost and the invention of Google to allow us to find and filter that information.

Getting your message, your name, your brand to the top of Google is now far more important than any traditional marketing device. Recognizing this companies have sprung up like dandelions to provide SEO or Search Engine Optimization to help you get to the top of the Google results.

As a small business person, a dentist, is it worthwhile for you to invest big bucks in SEO? The answer is the ever popular…it depends.

It depends on your location, the type of practice you have and how you are growing the practice. Every practice needs to have basic SEO in place but not every practice will be well served by spending thousands a month for SEO.

Here are some keys to understanding and investing in SEO;

  • Nobody has a secret method they can use to guarantee you will be on top of Google.
  • There is very little difference in results for companies ranking from one to five on Google. You do not have to be first.
  • Using “black hat” techniques to fool Google will likely get you bumped way down in the rankings.

You can get help here: TNT Dental and here: Sesame Communications.

4 replies on “Google SEO and You”

Hello, I own two domain names ( and,..right now my is just ‘pointing’ to my other site.

I have been told that if I had two sites, I would be competing against myself, and Google would not be friendly to that,..but I want to fully use my name, as it took me 5 years to finally get it.

What do you suggest, or am I good just the way I am doing things? thanks, Norm

Hi Norm,

Great question! Because is redirecting to your primary URL and site, it is not affecting your ranking negatively. Google recommends against having two websites with duplicate content live at the same time. However, you correctly redirected your secondary domain to your primary domain so you are in the clear.

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