98% of Americans Distrust the Internet

by Larry Emmott on July 20, 2012

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According to the survey of 1,900 Americans, 98% distrust information found on the Internet, with 94% saying “bad things can happen as a result of acting on inaccurate information online.”

via 98% of Americans Distrust the Internet [STUDY].

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People are hungry for information, especially accurate medical dental information and they look to the Internet for help. On the other hand just because it is online does not make it true. Everybody knows that…at least 98% do according to the linked study. The remaining 2% are right now investing with that Nigerian who has been e-mailing all of us.

Since the Internet as a whole can’t be trusted, who can? You. People trust you as their dentist. That is why they come to you. You have built in trust.

You can take advantage of that trust by acting as a source for accurate dental information. You can supply it on your own web page or social media pages. You can write about it on a practice blog or link to it when you discover a good article on dentistry. The goal would be that when your patient has a dental question they don’t start with Google and hope they find something of value, they start with you knowing they will get the goods.

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