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A Fabulous new Forum

allonforumIs an online forum for dentists doing all on four.

Yes, yes the name is a cute play on words but far more important is the content of this site. Users upload and discuss cases not only of all on four but of implants placement and restoration in general.

I love this for several reasons. The content is heavy on the use of advanced high tech systems like CBCT digital treatment planning, digitally developed and generated surgery guides and much more.

Second the whole idea is so amazing and such a great use of technology and the Internet. It is like a daily online study club. You can discuss cases, get help and learn from others instantly from anywhere around the world.


Without the Internet and the ability to quickly transfer information, including text, photos and video this would not be possible. We would be stuck learning slowly at expensive meetings sitting in a dark lecture hall.

Check it out here: If you are a general dentist who is placing implants, wants to learn about placing implants and especially if you are doing or want to do all on four then this forum is a must.

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