A Right to Be Forgotten

by Larry Emmott on February 23, 2011

in Internet

“What happens in┬áLas Vegas┬ástays on Facebook” This tongue in cheek twist on the Las Vegas tourism ads has enough truth to be amusing and alarming. The Atlantic article linked below discusses the interesting and complex topic of privacy in the Internet age. It is intriguing and has a message for dentists…Google yourself.

Google your name, and you’ll stumble onto drunken photos from college, a misguided quote given to a reporter five years ago, court records, ancient 1 a.m. blog comments… Individuals should, according to many in Europe, possess what they call a “right to be forgotten” on the Internet.

via In Europe, a Right to Be Forgotten Trumps the Memory of the Internet – John Hendel – Technology – The Atlantic.

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