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Amazon’s Cloud Problem, and Why It Matters

This is one of the better articles I found on the Amazon cloud failure. Not too technical and has some important insights.

The most significant issue that I see resulting from this is a set back in people’s faith in the cloud and saving precious data online. Several articles I read all lept to the conclusion the only safe and prudent thing for a person or business to do is to make a local hard copy back up and not rely soley on the cloud. Yeah but doesn’t that defeat the whole cloud storage thing right off the bat so why bother with the cloud?

For everyone else, I can only hope that this incident finally exposes the term “cloud” for the slippery buzzword it is. Data doesn’t exist in the air, the ether, or within spacetime itself. It resides in hard drives and servers—connected to a network, certainly, but in a place, on the ground.

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