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An Uber for Doctor Housecalls

From NYT:

Heal is a smartphone app similar to the on-demand car service Uber, but instead of a car, a doctor shows up at your door. Users download the app and then type in a few details such as address and the reason for the visit. After adding a credit card and a request for a family doctor or a pediatrician, the physician arrives in 20 to 60 minutes for a flat fee of $99.

via An Uber for Doctor Housecalls –

What a great idea. I love the use of technology to completely re-arrange the business model. This could be truly disruptive.

What I do not like is the loss of a personal relationship turning the physician into a commodity.

Perhaps the next step would be combining the intense personal service of a “concierge practice” with he efficiency of “Uber like” calls.

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