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Apple Adds Medical Records Feature for iPhone

From NYT:

The feature is to become part of Apple’s popular Health app. It will enable users to transfer clinical data — like cholesterol levels and lists of medications prescribed by their doctors — directly from their medical providers to their iPhones,…

Source: Apple, in Sign of Health Ambitions, Adds Medical Records Feature for iPhone – The New York Times

I think this is a great next step. Two things I worry about. If it is online it is hackable. So far Apple has not proven to be all that secure.

Lack of interoperability. It is already an issue with medical dental records in general. They are notoriously closed and do not transfer from one system to another.  If iPhone users like this feature and demand it of their medical professionals then more systems will be compatible with Apple. That is good…kinda”. Apple is the King of incompatibility and it is unlikely they will share.

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