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Apple’s Siri: The only search engine you’ll need?

From Computerworld:

The writing’s been on the wall for a very long time. Consumers are sick of being exposed to endless marketing. They don’t like their data being mined to provide advertisers and crafty political operators with tools they use to try to manipulate them. They’ve read the stories about Cambridge Analytica, and they are beginning to grasp what’s sexy about privacy and the need to make sure the sites, services, and solutions providers they use are truly protecting the customer data they gather.

In other words, they want search services with new business models. Ad-blockers in Safari, the ultra-private Duck Duck Go search engine, and Mozilla’s Facebook Container Extension all reflect this emerging need.

Source: Apple’s Siri: The only search engine you’ll need | Computerworld

More on a growing trend.

If you are getting value from Facebook as a private user fine. Just be aware that your personal info is being sold. Is it worth it?

For dentists I have come to the considered conclusion that Facebook offers zero value to a dental practice.