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Are You Net Savvy?

Internet-Marketing1In case you missed it: This Dentalcompare article from May.

Are you net savvy? Take this quiz to determine your online footprint…

The quiz has two purposes. The first of course is to give you a score to evaluate yourself in order to determine how well you are doing and where to put future resources. The second purpose of the quiz is to demonstrate that having an online footprint does not simply mean you have a web page or an office Facebook page.

Growing your online footprint means tapping into the power of dynamic, interactive web sites, social media, e-communications, search engines, social networking and more.

via Emmott On Technology: Is Your Dental Practice Prepared for Online Engagement? |

We usually think of the Internet as the World Wide Web, but that is just part of it. The Internet also includes e-mail. Are you using it to communicate with patients? If you ask 66% prefer e-mail to snail mail or phone calls.

Social Media is not just Facebook it includes Google+, Twitter, YouTube and more.

If you do not control your online presence you will still have one it will just be left in the hands of others.

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