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At the ADA: Healthgrades

healthgradesHomepageLogoAt the ADA meeting today I got a good overview of Healthgrades and how they will work with Sesame Communications. Healthrades is not simply a user review site like Yelp. It is not simply a referral service. It is a systematic attempt to grade dentists and physicians using a standard set of questions. This approach reduces the emotional rants we see with many user reviews and gives people looking for a dentist a consistent 3rd party evaluation that they feel they can trust.

User reviews have become incredibly powerful. In many cases dentists are helpless in the face of negative reviews and have limited options available to manage their online reputation. Healthgrades offers a system that dentists can leverage to manage their online reputation.  That is, what comes up when you Google your name.

Any dentist can “claim” their Healthgrades profile and add basic information. Dentists who choose to sign on with Sesame for an enhanced profile get even more control and robust content.

One thing I really like about the Healthgrades approach is that they will work on SEO not just for themselves to promote Healthgrades as a top result for a general search term like “dentist “ but they also work to appear high on the list of a search by name. In other words if a patient searches your name on Google and you have a Healthgrades profile that will show up as a top result.


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