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Brave Browser Review 2020

From Crypto Coin:

Future of Private Web Browsing?

The internet is an integral part of daily life in many ways. The brave browser offers users a way to browse the internet ad-free, by simply limiting your data exposure to advertisers. Algorithms or algo’s can’t identify you because tracking data is not sent to them, so it’s not worth an advertisement being rendered. This is what saves your battery life and loads pages faster.

Source: Brave Browser Review 2020: Future of Private Web Browsing?

The linked article provides an in depth look at both the good and the bad of the Brave Browser. Personally I have been using Brave as my primary browser for several years. I like the speed, the lack of ads and the privacy. The only issue I have -as the review notes- is that there are some plugins I use that do not work with Brave.

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