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Choosing a Dentist in the Age of Google

Selecting a dentist it is a very personal choice. All the research indicates a good majority – 60 to 70% – of people choose a dentist based on a referral. They are not just looking for a dentist; they are looking for a personal connection. They want a dentist they can trust, someone that their friends know and trust.

For that reason most people looking for a dentist do not simply search using a keyword like dentist. They search using a name.

If a patient gets a great referral to Dr. Steven Adams, he or she will type “Steven Adams dentist’, into the Google search box. They are searching not for a random dentist but for the phone number and address of a specific dentist.

What shows up when you type in your name is more far more significant than whether or not you show up with a generic keyword “dentist” search

Be cautious when spending on web SEO. Spend the time and money maximizing the results of a name search before worrying about keywords. The best and easiest way to get good name search results is to claim and develop your Google+ business page.

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