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Claim your Yelp Business Site

yelp-logoYelp allows you to claim or what they call “unlock” your business account:

Unlocking your business page and setting up a Business Owner’s Account is free, takes only two minutes, and is a great way to get involved in the Yelp community.

Support Center | Yelp for Business Owners.

Like it or not Yelp has created a business page for your dental practice and will publish reviews about you. With or without your knowledge or permission. You can “unlock” your page for free and add content. Follow the link above for more information.

I have very mixed feelings about online reviews in general and Yelp in particular. Yelp has been and is currently being sued by a number of dentists. Never the less unlocking your page for free is probably worth the effort.

Whether or not you decide to unlock your account you should go to Yelp and search your name to see what may already be posted about you.

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