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Cloud computing examined in ADA-developed technical report

From ADA News:

Dentists with questions about cloud computing have an ADA resource published earlier this year to turn to for answers…

…The report, available to download online at, provides easy-to-understand summaries of what cloud computing is, what it can do for dental practices, issues such as privacy related to cloud computing and answers to questions including, “Does cloud computing make sense for my practice?”

Source: Cloud computing examined in ADA-developed technical report

“Cloud Computing” Has been the “Next Big Thing” for decades. Dentists have been nibbling on the edges but so far few dentists have been willing to go full cloud. Dentist do use cloud based services all the time. The most obvious is an appointment reminder system like Solution Reach or Sesame. In fact almost all e-services are cloud based.

The big leap will be when dentist are willing to go full cloud, give up the server in the closet and trust their entire management system to a computer somewhere else in the sky. There have been numerous issues with full cloud systems such as upload speed, Internet reliability and security. Most of these have been addressed and yet the vast majority of dentists still have a local server based management system.

Cloud systems like Curve and Dentrix Ascend do have some advantages over local server based systems. However for the most dentists the benefits do not yet outweigh the hassles and risks of changing systems. In order to find wide acceptance cloud systems will not have to as good as or even a bit better than what dentists are using now they will have to much much better and cost the same or less.