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by Larry Emmott on July 21, 2010

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Another chance to get the perfect domain name? Maybe. In theory dentists and other professionals were expected to use the dot pro domainsreleased in 2003 and hardly anyone did. The dot com name had already become a generic term and much desred as a web address. Dot pro never gained traction with users or the public for a variety of reasons. Dot co may be different since it is so close to dot com. On the other hand there already are many options to dot com just check out Go Daddy pictured below and look at the suffix options by clicking the down arrow next to .com. You will see there are already options to dot com such as dot net, dot biz, dot us and many others.

Even if you can’t get the “perfect” domain name get what you can and register it now. You don’t have to use it instantly but ownership is on a first come basis so register it now even if you don’t yet have a practice web page.

HT Jason Lipscomb via Mashable.

Missed out on a great .com domain name? Well, maybe you can still get the .co variety. Registry operator of .co domains, .CO Internet S.A.S., today announced that .co domains are available through registers such as GoDaddy.com, Register.com, Network Solutions, and others.

via .CO Domain Names Now Available.

Update: Coments on Facebook make the point that .co is so close to .com that it is likely (very likely) that users will confuse them and assume .com  typing in the wrong doman name.

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