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Dental procedures (by dental code) at ToothIQ

ToothIQ, linked below, continues to impress me. The linked section is designed for patients but could be very valuable for team members especially people new to dentistry.

Every dental procedure code is listed. Most link first to a simle explanation of what the code means with a picture. Then an additional link takes the user to a more detailed explnation of the procedure with more images and related information.

ToothIQ is web based, which means it is easily availabe to all your patiernts and to staff 24/7 and it is relatively inexpensive. You can have it as part of your web page as a service to patients, both existing and casual web searchers. You could also use it as an adjuct during case presentations.

All ToothIQ information is peer reviewed in order to be both accurate and unbiased.

Dental procedures (by dental code) at ToothIQ.

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