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Here is another online dental referral system. What makes this one special is the price…FREE. is a cloud-based platform where you can invite colleagues to join, share patient information, and transfer or receive HIPAA compliant data with just a few secure clicks. Your staff will appreciate the ease, simplicity and time savings. You’ll agree that there’s no better way to improve patient satisfaction – and build your practice.

Source: The Idea

I like the concept and the web design of this system. It is a big step in the right direction; a 2nd generation online referral system. I have copied a 2015 article below which describes the 3 generations of online referral.

First generation attempts to create digital referral slips simply recreate the paper form in an electronic format, usually pdf. The referring dentist needs to download and print the form then fill in the information (patient name, practice information, tooth #, diagnosis etc.) by hand. The patient takes the form to the specialist and the data is entered just as if the patient had come in and was handed a form to fill out.

Second generation online referrals can be filled in online, no paper. However the referring dentist or the patient still needs to fill in the information by hand using a keyboard and mouse. Attachments can be added by hand after they are converted to a standard format. Once the information is filled in and the images uploaded the specialist office could access it from the Internet and create a new patient record with no additional data entry.

Third generation digital referral slips will be smart and interactive. The system will upload data directly from the electronic record without the dentist or dental staff member re-typing or pasting the data. It will include the basics we have done in the past as well as a complete medical history, patient demographics and insurance information.

When the patient shows up at the specialists office there will be no clipboard and forms they will already have complete electronic record waiting for them ready to go.



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