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Dentist claims competitor posted false online reviews

petscom-sock-puppetA dentist posed as a patient to write negative reviews about another dentist and is now facing a lawsuit:

A posting on by “HockeyMom” said Douglas Wolff was “not an orthodontist, but a dentist who maybe took one weekend course in braces.”

via Stillwater dentist claims competitor posted false online reviews –

“Sock Puppet” is Internet slang that refers to a person who poses as someone else on the Internet. Often in order to promote themselves or disparage an adversary.

According to the linked article Dr. Bryan Brettin an orthodontist is alleged to have posted negative remarks about Dr. Douglas Wolff while presenting himself as “HockeyMom” the mother of a patient of Dr. Wolff’s. I have no idea if what Dr. Brettin said is true or not. However it does appear he was attempting to deceive people who might read the review. Right or wrong using deception and sock puppetry makes you look dishonest.

In the past the courts have given online reviewers great leeway and have refused to find them liable for expressing negative opinions. This case is clearly different; it will be interesting to see how it turns out.


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