Do you have a web site?

According to research from Sesame Communications 46% of US general dentists do not have a web site.

I think that is generous. In my opinion if your web site was put up for you free back in 2003 that does not count.  If you are ashamed to show people your site that does not count. If you think you have a web site but can’t remember the URL that does not count. If you do not own the domain name that does not count. If your web site has not been updated in the last two years that does not count.

Sesame is offering a free web site analysis here.

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Larry: I liked how you say the free site from 2003 doesn’t count. Kind of funny but true no doubt. I wonder how many dentists are keeping busy without a website so don’t really see so much of a need. There is no doubt website bring new business to dentists and many other small businesses who are also not yet fully embracing what they could gain by being online.

Here is how I see it.
#1 a dental website should support existing patients, it is not just an online ad.
#2 Nobody uses a phone book anymore. If a friend has been given your name as a good dentist the first thing they will do is Google you just to get the address and phone number. If there is no, or worse a lame website…

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