Internet Paperless

e-bills and More

I believe that the next big change in how we use computer technology will be more creative use of the Internet. What is commonly called e-services.

Any paper you are now generating will become an electronic document. For example we are now seeing businesses eliminating paper statements and sending electronic e-statements. Banks are also offering online payment plans that allow users to make payments with no paper checks. Soon you will send an electronic bill, no paper, no envelope no postage. The patients will then pay with either an online bank program or possibly directly on your practice web site, no paper, no envelope no postage.

An e-billing system is set up once and then will run automatically whenever you choose. There would be no need to run statements once a month and create a mass mailing. E-statements could be sent on a daily basis, reducing costs and smoothing out cash flow.

Of course it will work the other way as well. You will receive statements from suppliers and others via e-mail and pay electronically.

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