Boost Productivity with eServices Solutions

digitalcloudHow Technology will Pay for Itself: With online digital e-services it is possible to transfer much of the information work that we used to do in the office with multiple paid staff members to software in the cloud.

We gather digital information about our patients simply as a byproduct of doing business. For example our computer knows the patient’s name, phone number, insurance coverage, birthday, employer and next scheduled appointment. Plus a whole lot more. Once the data is in a digital form a computer can be programmed to use that data in a specific manner.

For example the computer can see when a patient is scheduled for care and simply send a text message to the patient’s cell phone a day in advance. No additional data entry, no human writing messages or dialing phones. It is all done automatically with no humans involved.

As a general rule e-services have three characteristics; they use digital information, they are Internet based and they are automatic, that is no human activity is required. As a user you do not buy and install the service on your computer you simply sign up and pay a monthly fee. You rent the service you do not buy the software.

E-Service for Dentrix Users: Boost Productivity with Dentrix eServices Solutions – Dentrix

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