e-Services Q&D BOE ROI

Here is a partial list of the office administrative tasks that could be done with an e-service.

  • Print and mail re-call cards
  • Data entry of patient forms
  • Eligibility calls
  • Update charts
  • Confirmation calls
  • Copy X-rays
  • Data backup
  • Prep and mail claims
  • Take and enter payments
  • Answer phone for routine questions
  • Prepare bills, print and mail
  • Reactivate patients

All of these tasks take staff time which we dentists pay for; plus there are the hard costs of supplies like paper, envelopes, printing, ink, postage, data tapes and more. Staff time, of course, is not just the salary but benefits, taxes, social security, insurance and all the rest

Based on some Q&D BOE* math dentists pay around $32,000 per year to do these things in office with staff people. Using e-services you could do the same things, faster, better, more reliably for less than $9,000.

*Q&D BOE = Quick and Dirty Back of the Envelope. These are not scientific or specific but best guesses based on observation and experience.

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