What is an e-Service?

A good example of a common and easily understood e-service is sending appointment reminders to patients. The dentist could assign a team member to look up every patient on the schedule for the next day, record their phone number and e-mail address then go to a texting or e-mail program and individually send texts and e-mails. Or the dentist could use an app that does all that automatically, all by itself with no human involved.

The dentist could buy the reminder software and install it on the office computer. However, the dentist does not really want another app to maintain. The dentist wants the results, that is messages that reduce no shows. The dentist wants the service of sending reminders not the software. Using digital technology there is no reason the reminder app needs to be installed on the office computer. It can work just as well, in fact better, if it is installed on a remote computer somewhere in the cloud.

An e-service is an app running in the cloud that a dentist can “rent” to provide a service that otherwise would require local computer and staff time.