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This week in Dentalcompare:

We gather digital information about our patients simply as a byproduct of doing business. For example our computer knows the patient’s name, phone number, insurance coverage, birthday, employer and next scheduled appointment, plus a whole lot more. Once the data is in a digital form, a computer can be programmed to use it in a specific manner.

For example, the computer can see when a patient is scheduled for care and simply send a text message to the patient’s cell phone a day in advance. No additional data entry, no human writing messages or dialing phones is necessary. It is all done automatically with no humans involved.

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Most dentists underutilize e-services. In fact they do not even really understand what they are and how they work. I often speak with dentists who are paying for a prime service like Dentrix E-central and yet don’t take advantage of the service they are already paying for.

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