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Ex-Intel engineer invents solution to Cloud hacking

A Chandler man has developed a handheld personal Web server, allowing the owner to store documents, photos and videos and having more control over them than if they were in the Cloud.

via Ex-Intel engineer from Chandler invents solution to Cloud hacking.

Interesting concept, a kind of personal cloud. For a moment I thought this might be an option for storage of patient records. However the bad part of cloud storage, that is that others can access them, is also the good part.

The hope is that by aggregating huge amounts of data researchers will be able to find trends and solutions to improve care an eventually improve the human condition. If the data is stored on a personal cloud then no data mining and no improved care.

Every time I think the cloud is ready and people can trust it another sensational news story hits. The result is that people think of the cloud as the place hackers go to steal your identity and to get your nude photos.

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